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Simon Pennington

Contact :

London, Ontario, Canada
Contact no. 519 615 9652 (canada)
email: simon@mrsmo3d.com
skype: mrsmo3d

Industry Experience:

2012 August - Current- "Digital Extremes"

Role: Environment artist


"Halo 4 Spartan Ops / Crimson Map Pack" -Xbox 360
"War Frame" -PC

2012 April - 2012 August - "Streamline Studios"

Role: Outsourced Contract - environment prop work for AAA unnaounced title.

2012 Feb- 2012 Feb - "Real Serious Games"

Role: Contract Post production - after fx and premiere

2005-2012 - "The Creative Assembly" / "Sega Studios Australia"


"Medieval 2: Total War" -PC
"Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms" -PC

Role: The work I did on these titles was primarily modelling, texturing and rigging characters, both ingame and cinematic. Other areas I worked on included 'unit cards' and event renders for units / buildings and random events in the games story.

"StormRise" -PC, XBOX360, PS3

Role: Creating chracters, vehicles, props, cinematic characters and environments.

"London 2012 Olympics" -PC, XBOX360, PS3

Role: White boxing, modelling and texturing environments (stadiums / events and surrounding areas) along with static and gameplay props.

Mod Experience:

Character / Prop / Weapon Artist

Earths Special Forces:
Character Artist

Mech Mod:
Character Artist

I am proficient in the following software packages:

-3ds max
-adobe photoshop
-crazybump, xnormal, ndo2
-Unreal Developement Kit
-Source Hammer Editor
-After FX, Premiere

Whilst I am mainly a 3ds max user I can quickly adapt to other software packages.

I am also proficient in the following areas:

- Highpoly Modelling (sub d included)
- Digital Sculpting
- Lowpoly Modelling
- Texturing
- Normal and Specular maps
- UVW mapping
- 'Next gen' Texturing
- Enviroment Design / creation
- Rigging / Skinning


Jason Dalton
- Art Director, Real Serious Games
Phone: 0405740159 (Australia)
email: jason_dalton@hotmail.com

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